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Toyota Supra A90 Forged Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

Toyota Supra A90 Forged Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

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Once the fifth generation of the Toyota Supra was released, there was a bit of controversy being as the platform was engineered and designed by BMW. While some were disgusted, many fell in love with the new chassis as it has incredible technology and styling. While the cosmetics are performance-oriented many owners feel the A90 fell short in the aero sector.

VR Aero released the forged carbon fiber aero kit to accentuate the performance aspect of the A90. This 4-piece kit brings an extra dimension to the chassis since each piece pairs well with the body lines and exaggerates the aggressive styling. Without the VR Aero kit, the Supra can look average compared to other high-end performance cars. The kit consists of a 4-piece front lip, side skirts, 5-piece rear diffuser, and rear trunk spoiler. All of which sport the magnificent forged carbon fiber.

Being a new idea in the mid-2000s, forged carbon fiber was unveiled in the prestigious Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Since then, this has been the new standard for luxury aero components. Maintaining the same manufacturing process, the aero kit adds aggression and elegance to the lacking A90 aero.

Utilizing a forging method similar to metal, the areo kit offers incredible rigidity when installed on the vehicle while enhancing the performance aesthetic. Precision fitment can be expected of all pieces thanks to the 3D scanning and CAD methods used for engineering the aero kit. After the autoclave process, the areo kit is then polished to a brilliant finish to top off the greatest aero components for the A90.

  • Elegant forged carbon fiber construction
  • 3D scanning and CAD methods provide precision fitment
  • Easy and quick installation method
  • OEM+ style manufacturing
  • UV resistant resin and pre-preg forming prevent hazing
  • No modification necessary for installation
  • 4-piece front lip
  • Side skirts
  • 5-piece rear diffuser
  • Rear trunk spoiler

Toyota Supra A90 (2020-2023)

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